19m Flysurfer Speed 3 Deluxe - Ultimate light wind kite

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SellerStefan Ku
Seller's phone0555279445
Price2,900 AED ( $789.545 )
Posted on19 April 2017

19m Flysurfer Speed 3 Deluxe.

Great kite for light wind days in Dubai. Selling because I moved on to hydro foiling.

The kite is in a good condition - some repair jobs on the material (see pictures) and lines have been renewed where required.

Windrange 9-18 knots. You will have lots of fun with this kite while others have to wait for wind!

Comes with bar, repair kit and bag.

From Flysurfer:
The Speed 3 is a high performance, high aspect, low wind, race, and hangtime kite. The Speed 3 impresses with enormous depower, increased agility, awesome hangtime and jaw-dropping upwind and light wind performance. Any rider who is into racing, oldschool or lots of hangtime needs to try the Speed3! It is performance redefined! The kite looks phenomenal in the sky – especially the deluxe versions.

Freeride, Airstyle, Lightwind - At Flysurfer we call the SPEED3 the “ultimate flying machine.” And for more than 2 years nothing about that has changed really. Whether it’s the 21.0m in light winds from about 6 knots onwards, or the 12.0m in strong winds up to 25 knots – performance, stability, depower are still the measure of all things… Pure fun!

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