Starboard Ultra 5.4, lightest boards on the market - 2.5kg

SellerBernd Verhoeven
Seller's phone0504567416
Price1,800 AED ( $490.063 )
Posted on14 June 2017

050 4567415, Dubai or this weekend Asilah

Originally these boards are designed for surfing, however it is fantastic to kite with and surely strong and durable enough in this active carbon construction.
Several good kiters in the UAE are using it with great fun.
The supper light weight makes it so easy to pop, hold it and turn it in the air with your hands.

Starboard says:
Maximum Small Wave Performance
Maximum small wave speed and performance, the ULTRA can transform even the weakest smallest wave into a rippable canvas. Designed primarily for the many surfers in locations prone to poor surfing conditions, the ULTRA is a dedicated hi-tech grovel stick.
The flat entry rocker paddles into and catches waves with ease whilst the extra width and increased planning area offers lots of lift and drive to carry momentum through flat sections. The Active Carbon construction adds life and flex and making the board fast and responsive. Features include a quad setup for speed and looseness, rail/deck channels for easy aerial grabs and finger carry slot for the extra wide models.

Designed to be ridden in ankle to chest high surf, its sheer wave catching ability and impressive stability make it a versatile model suitable for all levels.

Board was new 4400AED, comes with quad fins and pad.

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